A digital common room for all travellers in the city.
City-wide chat, social activities & tips sharing.

With INIT, accomodations give social access to their guests. INIT offers a city-wide group where travellers can chat and join traveller activities.

For active hostels, INIT also offers a private group and extra ways to promote your own events.

Good to know: INIT is free to use for our accomodation partners and guests.

How to get started

  1. Request a profile or private group for your accommodation in less than 5 minutes.
  2. To inform and engage your guests, choose promotional items that you would like to receive.
  3. We will send the promotional materials to you.
  4. Install the received promotional items so guests can join the city/hostel group.

That’s about it!

INIT is expanding into Europe

Following our success in the Netherlands, we are currently expanding our network into other European cities. And we hope you will join us!

🇨🇿 Prague

Women’s Only Hostel Prague
Luma Terra Prague Hostel
Little Quarter Hostel
Sir Toby’s Hostel
Prague Dream Hostel
Charles Bridge Economic Hostel
The Clock Inn
PLUS Prague
Safestay Prague Charles Bridge
Clown & Bard Hostel
Hostel HOMEr
Pension City Center & L’Opera

🇭🇺 Budapest

Carpe Noctem
Island Hostel
NETIZEN Budapest Centre
Vitae Hostel
The Hive Party Hostel
Full Moon Budapest
Equity Point Budapest
Corvin Point
Spicy Hostel
Das Nest

🇵🇱 Warsaw & Kraków

Kapsula Hostel
Safestay Warsaw
Old Town Kanonia Hostel
AB Hostel
Tatamka Hostel
New World St Hostel
Hostel Lwowska 11

Meininger Krakow centre
Ginger Hostel Krakow
The Little Havana Party Hostel
Bubble Hostel
Let’s Rock Party Hostel
Hostel Centrum Sabot
Lemon Tree Hostel

🇪🇸 Barcelona

The Loft Hostel
Itaca Hostel
Barcelona Central Garden
Hostel Graffiti
Rocket Hostel
Ten to Go Hostel
Don Moustache Hostel
Paraiso Hostel
Hostel LIWI
Born Barcelona

Key Questions from Hostel Managers We’ve Met:

How does INIT make things better for my guests?

INIT helps guests meet and hang out with each other, find out about cool stuff happening at your hostel and in your city, making their stay more fun and social. It’s like having a digital meet-up spot where everyone can chat, plan outings, or just see who else is around.

Is everything really free? What’s the catch?

Yes, INIT is totally free to use for both accomodations and travellers. You may even be eligible for free promotional materials depending on your location and/or proposition. Reach out to us if you are interested. Eventually, our plan is to make INIT self-sustaining by earning a small commission whenever travellers book paid events and attractions through INIT.

What do we need to do to start using INIT?

It’s pretty simple and easy. No matter where your accommodation is located:

  1. Tell us you’re interested! We’re excited about every accommodation that wants to join, whether we’ve launched in your city or not. Want to get started? Schedule a demo, request a profile or group, or just drop us a line at We can’t wait to hear from you.
  2. City Launches: We launch in new cities based on interest and activity, aiming for a lively social scene. While we have some targets, like 1,000 beds or 6 hostels in the same city, every single accomodation counts towards reaching these goals. For each city launch, we gather local events and content to keep INIT buzzing. (Any local recommendations by you are really appreciated!)
  3. Onboarding your accommodation: For accommodations in our launched cities, we’ll quickly get you all set up with your profile or private group and send promotional materials your way. If you’re outside these areas, we do exactly the same, but it might take a bit longer. We support all pioneers that want to kickstart a new city, and we’ll support you every step of the way.
  4. Building Together: We’re on a mission to enrich the travel experience for everyone, making our community stronger with each new accommodation. Your participation and enthusiasm are what make INIT a vibrant and inviting platform for travellers worldwide.
What kind of help can we expect from you guys?

As a small team of five, we’re dedicated to making your experience with INIT as smooth and supportive as possible. Here’s what we can offer:

  • Setup and Technical Help: We’ll personally set up your hostel’s profile or group and guide you through any technical setup or issues you might have.
  • Promotional Materials: We provide promotional materials to help get your guests excited about joining INIT and connecting with each other.
  • Direct Support: While our team is small, we’re here to help. You can reach out via email with any questions or feedback, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We’re also keen on collecting your insights to improve INIT continuously.
  • Community Building Tips: We’ll share advice on fostering a vibrant community within your hostel’s group, based on what we’ve learned works best.

We’re committed to supporting you and ensuring INIT enhances the social experience for your guests during their stay. Your input means a lot to us as we grow and improve our support capabilities.

What do you expect from us in return?

Honestly, just your enthusiasm and a bit of effort to introduce INIT to your guests. Use the promotional materials we provide to spread the word, encourage your staff to mention the app, post your hostel’s events on INIT , and maybe share your own experiences or suggestions with us to make INIT even better. That’s about it. No hidden fees or expectations; we’re just looking to make travel experiences richer for everyone involved.

Engaging your guests

The more the merrier. We offer various promotional materials to inform your guests about INIT and to get the digital common room buzzing.

Our standard assortment includes:

  • A2/A3/A4 Posters
  • A5/A6 Display stands
  • Adhesive foil prints for smooth surfaces (e.g. mirrors)

We are continuously updating our promotional material offerings and are always open to your creative ideas!