1. What is INIT?

INIT is a social app designed for travelers and hostel guests. Users can propose activities, join others’ activities, and access in-house events and recommendations provided by hostels. It facilitates connections between travelers and helps them explore their destination with like-minded individuals.

2. Which languages does INIT support?

INIT currently supports English. We are actively working on adding support for Spanish very soon. Users can add the languages they speak to their profile, which makes it easy to connect with others who share the same language for activities.

3. In which cities is INIT available?

INIT is currently through hostels available in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Krakow and Barcelona. We plan to expand to other (European) cities in the near future.

4. How do I join a group on INIT?

Each hostel in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Krakow and Barcelona has its own group on INIT. When you check into a participating hostel, you’ll be provided with a group code to join the respective hostel’s group. Additionally, there is a city-wide travelers group where guests from multiple hostels can connect with each other and propose and join activities. You can join this group using the invitation code provided by your hostel.

5. How do I propose an activity?

To propose an activity, simply create a new event in the app, provide a brief description of the activity, and choose the date, time, and location. Other users can then browse through the proposed activities and join the ones they’re interested in.

6. Can I join an activity that someone else proposed?

Yes! INIT encourages users to explore activities proposed by others. Simply browse through the list of available activities and click “Join” on the ones that interest you.

7. How do I find activities that are hosted by my hostel?

Hostels share their activity recommendations and in-house events within their respective groups on INIT. You can find these activities by accessing the group for your hostel.

8. Can I connect with other travelers who speak the same language as me?

Yes. INIT allows users to add the languages they speak to their profile. This makes it easy to find and connect with other travelers who share the same language for activities.

9. Are there any fees associated with using INIT?

INIT is a free app for travelers and hostel guests. There are no fees associated with using the app to propose, join, or attend activities. However, some activities or in-house events hosted by hostels may have their own costs, which will be specified in the activity description.

10. Can I use INIT if I am not staying in a hostel?

INIT is designed primarily for hostel guests in London, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. While the app itself is not restricted to hostel guests, the groups and activities are focused on the hostel community in these cities. If you are not staying at a participating hostel, you may have limited access to some features and activities.

11. How can I download INIT?

INIT is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “INIT” to download and install the app.

12. How do I report a problem or share feedback about INIT?

We value your feedback and are committed to improving INIT based on your experiences. To report a problem or share your thoughts, please navigate to the “Feedback” section within the app. Alternatively, you can email us at hello@initsocial.com.