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Click the button to download your custom print files. Each file holds a QR code your guests can scan to join the INIT community.
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INIT is endorsed by 50+ top rated social hostels in Europe.

Greetings from Amsterdam!

Hello default!

We’re INIT – Europe’s upcoming social travel app – started in Amsterdam by five friends last year. With INIT, we want to make it super easy for travellers to reach out to each other to meet up and have a more social stay.

This month, we are reaching out to many European hostels to create a network of physical QR codes that will connect travellers at their destination.

How to get started

If you want to contribute to this initiative, click the button below to download the print files. Print them and display the printed materials at your reception and/or common areas to encourage your guests to join the INIT community 😀

We created different designs for various formats:

Why work with us?

Our dream is to bring INIT to every traveller in the world, for free. To keep INIT free, travellers support us by buying tickets to sights and tours through INIT, of which earnings will be shared with you: hostels that bring INIT to their guests.

By doing so, we believe that together we can transform the travel experience into something truly social, collaborative and mutually beneficial.

If you want to know more about what we exactly do – check out at or try INIT yourself! 

All the best to you,

Thomas, Eva, Niek, Idse & Pim